Fall 2012 Final Presentation

© 2011 Thomas G. Murphy MD, taken from “The Cost of Technology” by Elizabeth Toll MD, published in JAMA June 20, 2012

I gave my final presentation for the Fall 2012 semester on Thursday, December 6 – marking the midpoint of my Master’s project. A copy of my slides/portfolio pages can be downloaded here: PancoeFinalPresentation12Fall_4Web. I welcome any critique or discussion of the material and the topic.

The slides were mostly designed to be accompanied by a verbal narrative, so I will include a few very brief notes about the pages.

Page 1 – the Problem Statement, as drawn by a 7 year old girl

Pages 2 through 5 – Project background, earlier work

Page 6 – Redesign the project for my 2nd year through literature research, expert interviews, sketching & visualization

Pages 7, 8 – How to balance needs for discrete, structured data versus analog healthcare narrative? Investigate hyperlinks, hash tags etc. as possible way to build narrative from discrete data objects

Page 9 – Use workflow management system to design, deploy and revise exam-compatible workflows; identify opportunities for improvement through process mining

Pages 10, 11 – A target audience problem: can billing be separated from the exam while meeting the needs of both parties? Labor cost or savings?

Pages 12, 13 – “Logging into the room”: a single clinician and patient identity verification works for all devices and records throughout the length of the exam

Page 14 – Business case questions, MBA collaborative project for Spring 2013 semester