Master’s Project “Finished” (for now…)

Well, the work necessary to complete my MSID degree is finished. I made my final presentation to faculty, fellow students and guest critics on Wednesday 5/8, and presented to a number of folks from industry on Thursday 5/9, all to favorable reviews. This means my project is “done” but I am, of course, looking for opportunities to develop this idea in the real world.

Presentation slide deck:; Online interactive screens:

I hope to have a final all-encompassing report/book finished in the next several weeks and I will post a link to that here when it is done. Please feel free to contact me via this blog with any comments or questions in the meantime. Feedback is most welcome.

Many thanks to the people and organizations that assisted me in this effort, particularly the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. A list of advisors – most likely incomplete – can be found on the final page of the slide deck.



Master’s Project Show Installation

Installed most of my Master’s Project for the 2013 Show today (they can’t call it the Senior Design Show anymore because there are grad students included now). A few pics…

Otoscope User Testing

Since my broader Master’s project had me looking at the otoscope from a systems integration point of view, I chose that device for an ergonomics independent study to fulfill one of my other graduation requirements. Here are some photos I took of the user testing I did at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.